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Rock On Rock Walls and Masonry


"It was a privilege to work with Frank Visconti and the other craftsmen he recommended for our projects.  We recently purchased a home in Kihei that needed a fair amount of work.  This work included carpentry, plumbing, debris removal and electrical work. Frank assessed our needs, coordinated the project, and set the wheels in motion.  Frank is an amazing professional with an acute eye for detail.  He is honest, fair and trustworthy. 

His rates are very reasonable. He promptly follows up on every issue, and I was comfortable that knowing that my house was in good hands whether I was on or off the island."
RANDY, Seattle, WA & Kihei, HI
"My experience with Frank Visconti of Hawaii Home Make Over/Rot-O-Rooter Home Repairs was an excellent one.
The type of project was a major restoration and repair of the rainy side of my home.  My entire deck had to be replaced due to the rotten wood on the rainy side of our home.  As the deck was being replaced and to prevent future rotten wood on the deck, we elected to have the entire deck tiled with porcelain tiles.  Frank also installed dens-glass and stucco on the entire rainy side of our home.  This dens-glass was painted to match our existing paint color exactly.  Vented soffits were installed around my entire home also.
In my opinion the workmanship was very good.  Frank is a perfectionist for everything he builds.  His sub contractors are also excellent in their trades.
The only problem encountered on our project was a lot of rain.  Frank also addressed this as he constructed a temporary rain wall to keep his work dry in order to continue working.  Once Frank Visconti and I signed our contract, he and his sub contractors were on the job from start to finish.  Frank Visconti has a way of working where he will stay on the project until it is completed.  He does not skip days on the project to work on other projects.
Upon completion of our project and my review of all completed work, I did not come up with any punch list items. 
I would highly recommend Frank Visconti of Hawaii Home Make Over/Rot-O-Rooter Repairs  to anyone requiring these types of projects."
George L. Reed Jr.


Neil's Carpet Cleaning - Carpet - Tile - Upholstery - Maui

Aloha and thank you for your interest in


Neils Carpet Cleaning


Neil's Van

Clean Carpets Last Longer

Steam Cleaning Is The Gold Standard

Eliminate Dirt and Allergens

 Free phone and internet quotes please call or write today



Established in 2005 by owner operator Neil Swanson, Neils Carpet Cleaning is a truck mount based hot water extraction cleaning service that specializes in steam cleaning of carpet, upholstery and ceramic tile. Neil is certified by the I.I.C.R.C. as Carpet Cleaning Technician, Water Damage Technician and Hard Surface Technician.



You may already know Neil Swanson from one of his past businesses here in Maui. From 1990 to 1994, Neil owned and operated Pizza Fresh of Makawao with his buddy Matt Rauch. From 1995 to 2005 Neil owned and operated Sub Paradise in Kahului. If you have done business with Neil before then you know that he is very prompt, courteous and operates with a high degree of integrity.



Carpet Cleaning Procedure

If desired, large objects such as beds, dressers, TV consoles, etc. need to be moved off of carpet by owner or agent of owner prior to scheduled appointment. Neil will move small and medium items and will assist with larger items when needed. Some items such as sofas can be slid and replaced using Teflon sliders during cleaning process. When acceptable to owner some items can becutaround during cleaning process.


Carpets are first dry vacuumed when necessary. Section by section carpets are next pre-sprayed in their entirety (not just spots) with the appropriate pre-spray given the carpet fiber material and condition. Carpets are then agitated with a carpet rake and hot water extracted (steam cleaned) with water approaching 220 degrees at 500 psi. This rinsing water contains an extraction detergent or rinsing agent depending on carpet material and soiling conditions. Any remaining spots can at this point be treated further by solvents or other agents and once again rinsed and extracted. Hot water extraction is followed by drying strokes to minimize residual moisture. Drying times vary from 5 to 12 hours depending on carpet type, humidity and temperature. In all cases, drying times can be accelerated by air flow such as fans, air conditioning or natural breezes from outside.



Upholstery Cleaning Procedure

Upholstered items such as sofas, arm chairs, seat cushions etc are first dry brushed and vacuumed as needed to remove as much debris as possible. All upholstered surfaces are then sprayed with an appropriate prespray given the material type and soiling conditions. All surfaces are gently agitated with a hand brush and hot water extracted with an upholstery tool and water approaching 220 degrees. The rinsing water in this steam cleaning process can contain an extraction detergent for moderate to highly soiled synthetic materials or an acidic rinsing agent for natural materials such as cotton blends. Drying times are usually three to five hours and are accelerated once again by air flow and temperature.



Ceramic Tile Cleaning Procedure

Tile is first swept to remove debris. A high alkali cleaning solution designed for ceramic tile is sprayed onto tile. Agitation is applied with a hand brush or weighted floor machine depending on conditions. Grout lines are scrubbed with a narrow grout brush. After sufficient dwell time (15 to 45 minutes) the tile is hot water extracted with a hard surface wand called a spinner at temperatures approaching or exceeding 220 degrees and water pressures from 700 PSI to 1000 PSI. Drying times are one hour or less.



Pricing for Services

Carpet is 28 cents per foot squared.

Wool Area Rugs are 38 cents per foot squared.

Ceramic tile is 55 cents to $1.00 per foot squared

A six foot sofa is $60 to $80. Love seat is $35 to $45

A single cushion dining chair is $5

Arm chair or recliner is $25 to $35

$80 minimum for all jobs, $100 for Upcountry, Haiku or West of Lahaina Town.

Scheduling: Call Me:

808 280 6260


Neil's Carpet Cleaning - Maui

Neil's State of the Art Carpet Cleaning Truckmount Equipment

Neils Carpet Cleaning - Maui

Neils Carpet Cleaning - Maui

Projects Complete For Under $1000


4' x 4' Insulated Window

ONLY $900


Includes Interior and Exterior Trim

Call 214-2911 or email info@ReplacementWindowsHawaii.com

One day window from replacement windows hawaii






Click Here To Contact Keith at decks4u@handymanhookuphawaii.com



21' fence with two 3' gates and all the hardware shown
4 primed and cemented 4"x4"x6' posts
1x6 treated, stained, redwood slats
Labor plus all materials
Delivery extra


Call 214-2840 or email hookup@handymanhookuphawaii.com


Project Management


Project Management for homeowner permitted or projects which don't require a permit, $25 per hour. 

Email: ProjectManager@HandymanHookup.com

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30 Year Guaranteereal wood made better

Treated Wood Trim with a Thirty Year Decay/Rot/Insect Damage Warranty

30 Year Cement SidingHardie products

World Leader in Fiber Cement 30 Year Siding

Authorized Contractor

Fine Ageless Architectureal ProfilesArchitectural Accents by Patterson Whitacker

Ageless Architectural Accents

 Panels With 5/50 Year Transferable Limited Warranty

 Panels With 5/50 Year Transferable Limited Warranty


Quality Ply Gem Windows and Doors

Authorized Contractor

Mule-Hide A New Generation “Fast Roof!”

Mule-Hide A New Generation “Fast Roof!”